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Imitrex is used to treat migraine headaches. Imitrex will only treat a headache that has already begun. It will not prevent headaches or reduce the number of attacks.

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Over the counter equivalent to imitrex or eplerenox," said Sivakumar. He was unable to specify exactly what Imitrex is used for, only that it is "a generic medicine" that used to treat patients with allergies various foods. But the list of ingredients for drug, which can also be sold over the counter, includes a host of artificial products, including food additives. The manufacturer's website warns that medicine can <$%INSIDE_LINK_0%$> increase your heart rate and blood pressure can have a "significant effect" on your liver. However, a spokesperson for the drugmaker, GlaxoSmithKline, denied that it marketed its drug as a heart drug. Gastrointestinal disorders are among the most common complaints of allergy patients in Canada, with an estimated 1 in 4 patients suffering from a food allergy. According to the College of Family Physicians Canada, these symptoms can include hives, itching, and abdominal pain. "We see patients who are allergic to their toothpaste or toothbrushes, in my practice I would have to see patients who are allergic to their food," said Dr. John <$%INSIDE_LINK_1%$> Poulis, a Toronto family physician who has received a number of angry phone calls and emails from patients who are unhappy about GlaxoSmithKline's marketing of Imitrex. "Many of those patients are upset that they allergic to foods or can't eat certain and they want something else," he said. The college does not prescribe Imitrex in its guidelines for the management of common allergies. And, as a result, doctors and patients do not usually seek out the drug for an immediate response. "Most patients I see don't want to try this medication immediately. They want to take their regular medication and wait at least five days before trying a new medicine," said Poulis. "But they might think Imitrex be a solution because it's similar to the medication they're taking." And, to add insult injury, Imitrex can only be prescribed by a doctor who is practicing in Ontario or Canada, said Sivakumar. Imitrex has not been released into Imitrex 25mg $120.52 - $6.03 Per pill the free market in US. While Imitrex's ingredients are unknown, an ingredient list has been made available on a website run by Canadian physician and allergist John DeLuca, known as TheDoctorInVivo. The website contains thousands of ingredient lists for medications prescribed to patients across the country. The website lists food additives like aspartame, cyclamate, dibutylphenyl isostearate and others used to sweeten food and drink. Some of these additives are considered carcinogenic. Food supplements, he said, often contain high doses of the artificial and preservative ingredients, "and you're then mixing that in with food." He says that while a small percentage of people will experience unpleasant symptoms in the short term, majority of drug-induced reactions are mild, and many people do not notice a difference when switching to different drug. Some patients will experience a variety of symptoms while on Imitrex, <$%OUTSIDE_LINK_0%$> including nausea, vomiting, a headache, difficulty breathing and heartburn. But these symptoms usually resolve within 24 hours. While some patients do experience serious side effects, those range from mild diarrhea to potentially life-threatening skin reactions, said DeLuca. The website for drug lists several safety warnings, including the risk of anaphylactic shock, as well liver and kidney damage, if.


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